18 - Three Days

February 21st, 2020

The guild finds themselves with some downtime as they await Abel's return. While improving the community, the Defenders also partake in a little "r and r." Unbeknownst to our heroes, these casual days are numbered.

17 - Person-Adjacent

February 14th, 2020

Creepy people hanging out in caves are creepy. Creepy people that know too much specific information are creepy. Creepy people that aren't a "people" are creepy. I don't know what one would call a combination of the three, but whatever that is is most definitely creepy.

16 - I Don’t Gnoll About That…

February 7th, 2020

Things have calmed down, so naturally it doesn't last. Unsettling realizations are made.

15 - Passing of the Guard

January 31st, 2020

Now that things have settled down, Finn can finally finish investigating the murals. Gry digs up some new minions in the aftermath, and Bris' dice streak continues.

14 - “Readied” or Not…

January 24th, 2020

The fight's not over yet! With tapped resources, can the Defenders fend off an even greater threat than the last? Things are about to heat up in another action-packed episode of, "Defenders of the Vale!"

13 - Fulbold

January 17th, 2020

Finn's curiosity triggers a trap! Will puzzles *ever* become the Defenders' strong suit? Why are Strength checks so hard? 

12 - Rolling for Pukies

January 10th, 2020

It's the following morning and the Defenders regroup, once again back at full strength. With Gry at their side (and Tim and Tom, as well), they continue to explore the creepy cave. What other atrocities await them within?

11 - Springwater

January 3rd, 2020

Finn strikes up a deal. Flesh golems are particularly more nauseating *after* they've been destroyed. Party at the Humble!

10 - I am a Sorcerer

December 27th, 2019

What has Finn been up to? Also, how does sorcery work? Can skeletons smile, and if so, how? All this and more in another exciting episode of "Defenders of the Vale!"

9 - Can We Take the Desk?

December 20th, 2019

Alright, how many cultists do we have in here, anyhow?! The plot thickens as unlikely ties are soon knotted together, but what does any of it mean? Will the Defenders obtain the answers they seek? Only one way to find out!

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